Welcome to PMCA

The Print Media Copyright Agency (PMCA) was established on 1st January 2003 to provide licences to organisations wanting to utiliise articles appearing in newspapers and magazines.

All material published by members of the print media is protected by copyright. The PMCA’s role is to ensure that copyright is respected and its value is appropriately recognised.

The PMCA is a division of the New Zealand Press Association Limited. The PMCA also works in conjunction with the Newspaper Publishers' Association (NPA) – the trade association of the New Zealand newspaper industry.

By obtaining a licence from the PMCA, organisations can protect themselves from non-compliance risks and gain the right to copy articles from most major New Zealand print media publications.

Commonly requested information: How to apply for a licence, pricing, licence terms, the PMCA’s distribution methodology, frequently asked questions. For further details, please contact the PMCA.